JJ International Bed Corner is the leading mattress showroom in Ernakulam. Our bed dealer ernakulam showroom tends to be a lifelong companion. Our beds are durable, healthy and safe. With a superior understanding of latex’s ability to support and enhance relaxation for different body types, we now also create pillows and cushions.

If you’re looking for the best mattress, bed dealer ernakulam showroom is the right place. Our Mattresses are both soft and resilient, conforming gently to the curves of your body and providing back support for many years. You can also say goodbye to tossing, turning and motion transfer, with the absence of pressure points on our Latex Mattresses.

Our Bed Dealer Ernakulam showroom have spring mattress. It provides body support and ensures zero disturbance from any movement. We also have foam mattress which is soft, firm and durable for maximum support to the body. The mattress conforms to the shape of the body to ensure complete pressure distribution.

Another type of mattress in our bed dealer ernakulam showroom provides coir mattresses. The fibre in the coir mattress controls the temperature, provides the required firmness and support to every part of the body. Our mattresses are developed to meet the requirement of the human body and offer absolute comfort and rest. Jj International bed Corner in ernakulma have best bed and mattress in ernakulam edapally showroom. 

Bed Dealer Ernakulam

Jj International bed Corner 

The features of our Mattress are:

  • The Memory Foam used for mattress application assures additional comfort and also helps in increasing blood circulation.
  • High-quality foam which offers unique properties like breathability and fast & slow recovery.
  • Exceptional bounce with perfect cell structure.
  • Good value for money.
  • Extra bounce and support.
  • PU foam will also stay longer.

It is also very important that your mattress is specially designed to support all major parts to avoid any sagging of the spine which leads to backache and disturbed sleep.


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